History of Art alumni profiles

Katie Hall, MA History of Art, 2009

Katie describes her experiences of studying MA History of Art at the University and the job opportunities that this has opened.

Richard Horley , MA History of Art, 2009

Richard completed an MA in History of Art in 2009 and is currently an Online Peer Review Assistant for Cambridge University Press.

“My studies, I believe, have directly led to where I am today. Without my MA in History of Art, I would never have had the subject knowledge nor depth of understanding to do what I have done thus far after university. Without getting involved at the Barber Institute at the University, I would never have had the opportunity to work at the V&A, and without my time at the V&A being spotted on my CV, I might never have been considered for the jobs here at the Press.

 In terms of actual skills, I have demonstrated that I can synthesise and analyse more complex systems of thought, that I can articulate argument to a higher level and can deliver distinction-level presentations. All the stuff I got involved in, particularly with the Barber Institute, I believe was of tremendous benefit. What I missed in reading time through getting involved with everything, I made up for in practical experience and the general benefits of getting stuck in. Also, I have the brains too! Some of my marks for MA weren't too shabby.”