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Department of Art History, Curating and Visual Studies
Doctoral researcher
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PhD Title: The Art of Pieter Bruegel the Elder (c.1526-1569)
Supervisor: David Hemsoll
PhD History of Art


BA History of Art; MPhil(B) History of Art (University of Birmingham)

Postgraduate supervision

I teach on a number of Undergraduate modules. I am also the department's Academic Writing Advisor. 


My research focuses on the art of Pieter Bruegel (c.1526-1569). Bruegel's art has always generated controversy. Partly, this is because we know so little for certain about his life, which has inevitably led to a great deal of speculation about what Bruegel's take was on the religious and political troubles that were raging in the Low Countries during his lifetime, and how, or if, these are manifested in his art. Aditionally Bruegel's art itself defies our expectations for 16th-century Netherlandish art. Bruegel turned his hand to a diverse array of subjects, ranging from the religious to the secular and to landscape, in which a curious mixture of tradition and startling innovation are exhibited. 

My research is situated in current developments in the study of 16th-century Netherlandish art. I take a reception focused approach to Bruegel's art with a view to understanding the iconography and epistemological function of Bruegel's pictures. Not only will the PhD shed light on the kinds of significances Bruegel's art had for his clients and his agenda as an artist, it will also address some key problems in the historiography of the Northern Renaissance, specifically the iconographic/ological method. 

Other activities

I am an editor of the Department's official Blog, which I helped to launch. I am the postgraduate research student representative on the Staff-Student committee. I am also a postgraduate ambassador.