Marco Bellardi


Doctoral researcher

Department of Modern Languages: Italian Studies



PhD Title: The influence of cinema on literature in the postmodern age
Supervisor: Dr Clodagh Brook
PhD Italian Studies

I completed my BA in Humanities in 2008 and gained a MA in Modern Humanities at the Università degli Studi di Milano in 2011 under the supervision of Prof. Bruno Falcetto and Prof. Giovanna Rosa in 2011 with a thesis on the Italian writer Giuseppe Pontiggia (La narrativa sperimentale di Giuseppe Pontiggia - Pontiggia Prize 2011). I am presently a first year PhD student at the University of Birmingham (started in September 2013) where I am doing research on the influence of cinema on XX century literature. My work is fully funded by a University of Birmingham College of Arts and Law Scholarship. My research is embedded into the the wider Interdisciplinary Italy project.


As a teaching assistant I teach Oral/Aural Italian Language to first and second year students in Italian Studies.


My research aims to fill a gap in studies concerning the relation between cinema and literature. Throughout the twentieth century dynamics of exchange between cinema and literature have occurred in two directions: on the one hand, early and classical cinema have borrowed from literature a huge heritage of themes and narrative solutions. On the other hand, cinema has immediately given back to literature new forms in order to replace the traditional verbal structures, paving the way for more modern literary experiences.

However, whereas the study of the first phenomenon (literature in cinema, especially “adaptations”) has been extensive, we cannot say the same about the influence of cinema on literary forms. Therefore, by following semiotic and narratological methodologies, my research focuses on narrative strategy, the role of the narrator, the articulation of point of view in the texts and cinematic techniques, in order to answer these crucial questions:


  • To what extent has cinema influenced written narrative forms?
  • In which ways does that influence change the author’s approach to his own work?

Other activities

I worked 13 months as a proofreader at the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera in 2011 and 2012. I even had some experience as a reviser of translations of science-fiction novels for the Italian publishing company Mondadori in 2012.

I currently run the online cultural review La Balena Bianca along with other Italian PhD students, some people working in the editorial field and friends.

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