Past research seminars in Modern Languages


7th December - Transnational literature: paradigms and practices

3rd December - Getting down to the 'nitty gritty': the daily practicalities of working as a freelance technical translator

1st December - Translating Zola and Bernard Noël: when can signifiers and signifieds 'play'?

1st December - An Italian 'Marxian-Jungism'? Towards a Materialist Rethinking of Analytical Psychology

1st December - Podcast: 'Writing La Serenissima: Identity, Willpower and Performance in Rilke's Idea of Venice'

26th November - From translation practice to theory and back again

26th November - Interdisciplinary Italy: Experimentation and Transgression across the Arts

24th November - Podcast: 25 Years of German Unification

19th November - Podcast: Whose War? Whose Memory? Teaching the First World War in International Perspective

17th November - Borrowed Words: Brodsky's collaborative self-translation

12th November - A brief introduction and a "cost-benefit-analysis" from a member's point of view

10th November - Book launch

10th November - Podcast: '"Lay Down Your Arms!" Anti-War Writing in German-Speaking Countries, 1905‒1924'

5th November - Intersecting Discourses on Migration in the UK, Germany and Russia

27th October - The reception of contemporary classics in the English-speaking world

27th October - Podcast: 'Nietzsche's Cultural Revolutions'

30th September - Podcast: Echoes and Aftermath: Legacies and Memories of the Past from the Twentieth Century Onwards

28th May - Podcast: Is Germany to blame? Perceptions of Germany during the Eurocrisis

13th May - Ottiero Ottieri: un caso letterario. Industry, mental illness and politics in Ottieri's work

12th May - Podcast: 50 Years of German-Israeli Relations: Reflections on History, Memory and International Politics

5th May - Visual anthropology in Sardinia

25th March - Whither German Memory? Towards an Integrated Model of Remembering

24th March - Classicality and experimental writing in Giuseppe Pontiggia

19th March - Spain and Portugal in the early seventeenth century: a Viceroy's viewpoint

11th March - The rise of populism in Europe

11th March - Title to be confirmed

5th March - The accidental interpreter

4th March - Podcast: DEFA's Last Gasp: Melancholy and the End of East German Filmmaking

3rd March - Title to be announced

26th February-5th March - Careers in conference interpreting

24th February - Podcast: The Greenest Nation on Trial: German Environmentalism in Perspective

18th February - The Caribbean in translation

17th February - 'The Republic of the Mad'. radical psychiatry in Italy in the 1960s and 1970s and the end of the asylum

11th February - From pride to humiliation: an Oral History project in Hialeah

4th February - From "Coventration" to Reconciliation: Coventry and Dresden after 1940/45

29th January - On the beach with The Fear: Judging a literary translation prize

22nd January - Life after the MA: Working for SDL and TBW

21st January - The Palatine Wedding of 1613 and its Impact on Confessional Politics

15th January - Genocide and gorillas: tourists in fiction about Rwanda


10th December - (Podcast) Disobeying Hitler: German Resistance in the last year of WWII

9th December - Maternal dislocations: memory, selfhood and mother-tongue in Goliarda Sapienza's and Elena Ferrante's works

4th December - CIOL membership and what it can do for me?

1st December - (Podcast) The Dark Side of EU-rope: Imperium Europaeum?

27th November - Living language

26th November - Memory and affect: issues from Spain and Portugal

23rd November - Portuguese-English Verb Dictionaries: focus on students' needs and on cross-cultural language contrast

18th November - Russia and Germany after the Cold War: A New Relationship?

18th November - Voidances: on Maurice's Blanchot's fiction

13th November - Translating for a multilingual Europe

13th November - Fischi per fiaschi - traduzioni e tribulazioni

12th November - Monsters and prodigies in early modern Europe

29th October - Workshop: The End of Stasiland?

28th October - The Transformations of the Eastern Question from the eighteenth century to the present time

15th October - Editing medieval texts in the Digital Age: the Estoria de Espanna project

19th March - Bloodpeople, dangerous sex, and dead men walking: how to tell?

19th March - '"Anglifizierung" und "Globalisierung": Aktuelle Diskurse zu Entlehnungen und moderner Sprachpurismus

18th March - Spatial Planning, Photography, and Modernity in Post-War France

6th March - Queer cinemas between France and Spain

5th March - Ahead, Athwart, Askance: tropes of perversion in contemporary Hispanophone cinema

5th March - "The Full Monty" into Europe? Issues of cultural untranslatability from a comparative perspective: investigating the German and French versions of this 1990s British comedy

4th March - Modelling citizens: negotiations of agency and belonging through the medium of Italian migration literature

26th February - Anti-Positivism and the Esoteric in early Twentieth-Century Mexican thought and literature

25th February - Translating Frantz Fanon

12th February - Theorising Informality from the ground up in Russia

12th February - "Wir sind das Volk": the dominance of 1989

28th January - The living and the poetic intention: Édouard Glissant's biopolitics of literature

21st January - Blacks out: Italy's melancholic whiteness

15th January - Heroic Imperialists in Africa: the promotion of British and French colonial heroes, 1870-1939

15th January - Hitler's female helpers