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Staff publications and research projects

  • Dr Angela Kershaw, Before Au[!--Start--]schwitz: Irene Nemirovsky and the Cultural Landscape of Inter-war France. New York and Abingdon: Routledge 2010.
  • Professor Jennifer Birkett, Right/Left/Right Revolving Commitments:France and Britain 1929-1950, with Stan Smith, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008.(table of contents)
  • Professor Jennifer Birkett, The Macmillan Guide to French Literature: Early Modern to Postmodern, with James Kearns, London: The Macmillan Press / New York: St Martin's Press, 1997, 361 pp.
  • Professor Martyn Cornick, Intellectuals in History. The Nouvelle Revue française under Jean Paulhan, 1925-1940, Amsterdam & Atlanta: Editions Rodopi, 1995, 224 pp. ISBN 90 5183 797 6.
  • armand-bookProfessor Martyn Cornick, Jean Paulhan-Armand Petitjean, Correspondance 1934-1968, Édition établie, présentée et annotée par Martyn Cornick, Cahiers Jean Paulhan no 15 (Paris: Gallimard, 2010), 737pp.
  • Dr Béatrice L Y Damamme-Gilbert, ‘La Forme d'une ville' de Julien Gracq: Lecture d'un lieu dialogique, coll. ‘Archives des Lettres Modernes', Caen-Paris, Lettres modernes Minard, 1998, 95 pp.
  • Dr Stephen Forcer, Modernist Song: The Poetry of Tristan Tzara (Oxford: Legenda, 2006)
  • Dr Kate L Ince, Georges Franju, Manchester University Press, 2005, March 2005, 172pp.
  • Dr Kate L Ince, Orlan, Millennial Female, 'Dress, Body, Culture' series, Berg, 2000, 161pp.
  • Dr A Wendy Perkins, Medicine and Midwifery in Early Modern France: Louise Bourgeois, Exeter, University of Exeter Press, 1996.
  • Professor Peter Ricketts, Le Breviari d'Amor de Matfre Ermengaud, tome II (1-8880) (Publications de l'A.I.E.O., 4). Westfield College, London: A.I.E.O., 1989, pp. xii + 440.(with the collaboration of Cyril P. Hershon) Le Breviari d'Amor de Matfre Ermengaud, tome III (8880T-16783) (Publications de l'A.I.E.O., 5). Royal Holloway, London: A.I.E.O., 1998, pp. xiii + 479.
  • Professor Peter Ricketts, Contributions à l'étude de l'ancien occitan: textes lyriques et non-lyriques en vers, édités par Peter T. Ricketts (Publications de l'A.I.E.O., 9). Birmingham: A.I.E.O., 2000, pp. 118.
  • Professor Dennis Wood, Benjamin Constant, Correspondance générale (1795-1799), Volume III. Textes établis et annotés par Boris Annelli, Adrianne J. Tooke et Dennis Wood, Tübingen: Max Niemeyer Verlag, 2003, 533 pp.
  • Dr Andrew Watts, Preserving the Provinces: Small Town and Countryside in the Work of Honoré de Balzac, Oxford: Peter Lang, French Studies of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century, 2007, 337pp.
  • Dr Emma Wagstaff, Provisionality and the Poem, Transition in the Work of du Bouchet, Jaccottet and Noël, Volume 278 of Faux titre, Rodopi 2006.

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