Undergraduate study in French

French Studies is the largest section of the Department of Modern Languages.

In total, we have around 600 students enrolled on our courses. We have over twenty members of staff (including professors, lecturers and teaching fellows), as well as native-speaker colloquial assistants.

Within French Studies, staff have diverse research interests and this means we are able to offer a very broad syllabus. One of the great advantages of a degree in French Studies is that you can sample a range of subject areas and disciplines all within your degree programme: film studies, literature, politics, history, translation studies, cultural studies, sociology, and even a dash of economics find their way into our modules at various points. Our students have the opportunity to study the history, politics and culture of France, then to apply that knowledge in order to consider the role of French culture and politics in Europe and internationally. If they wish, students can study French in a more global context through a range of Francophone options focusing on Africa, Canada and the Caribbean.

You can take French as a single language as part of our BA Modern Languages. Alternatively, you may combine it with another language or subject, such as Business Management, Music or History.

Our French undergraduate degree courses

Modern Languages BA

The key to understanding another society is mastering its language. From this starting point, you can examine a country's history, literature and culture, and by comparison you can learn more [more...]

Joint honours combinations

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