Our research showcase 

Front-cover images of books recently published within the department

This is a selection of recent publications by members of German Studies at Birmingham, listed in alphabetical order by author's surname.


  • The Text and its Context: Studies in Modern German Literature and Society Presented to Ronald Speirs on the Occasion of his 65th Birthday, ed. by Nigel Harris and Joanne Sayner (Oxford: Lang, 2008). Contains contributions by several members of German Studies.
  • Michael Butler (ed.), The Narrative Fiction of Heinrich Böll: Social Conscience and Literary Achievement (Cambridge, 1994). Contains contributions by several members of German Studies.
  • Bill Dodd, Jedes Wort wandelt die Welt. Dolf Sternbergers politische Sprachkritik (Göttingen: Wallstein, 2007)
  • Bill Dodd (ed.), Working with German corpora (Birmingham, 2000)
  • Bill Dodd, Kafka: Der Prozess, Glasgow Introductory Guides to German Literature, 8 (Glasgow, 1991)
  • Bill Dodd, Kafka and Dostoyevsky: The Shaping of Influence (London 1992)
  • Bill Dodd, Kafka. Das Schloss, Grant & Cutler Critical Guides to German Texts, 18 (London 2003)
  • Bill Dodd, Christine Eckhard-Black, John Klapper, and Ruth Whittle, Modern German Grammar (London: Routledge, 1996; second edition 2003)
  • Bill Dodd and Waltraud Coles, Reading German: A Course and Reference Book (Oxford 1997)
  • Elystan Griffiths, Political Change and Human Emancipation in the Works of Heinrich von Kleist (Rochester, NY: Camden House: 2005)
  • Elystan Griffiths and David Hill (eds), Jacob Michael Reinhold Lenz, Schriften zur Sozialreform: Das Berkaer Projekt (Frankfurt: Lang, 2007)
  • Elystan Griffiths (with Sean Allan, eds), Performance and Performativity in the Works of Heinrich von Kleist, Special issue of German Life and Letters, 64/3 (2011).
  • Nigel Harris (ed.), The Light of the Soul: The Lumen anime C and Ulrich Putsch's Das liecht der sel (Bern: Lang, 2007)
  • David Hill (ed.), Literature of the Sturm und Drang, Camden House History of German Literature, 6 (Rochester, NY: Camden House, 2003)
  • Stefan Andres, Die Sintflut, ed. by John Klapper (Göttingen: Wallstein, 2007)
  • Nicholas Martin (ed.), Schiller: National Poet – Poet of Nations (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2006)
  • Nicholas Martin, Nietzsche and Schiller: Untimely Aesthetics (Oxford University Press, 1996)
  • Nicholas Martin, Nietzsche and the German Tradition (Bern: Peter Lang, 2003)
  • Nicholas Martin (ed.), Literary Reflections of Modern War, Special Issue of Forum for Modern Language Studies, 41 (2005/2)
  • Joanne Sayner, Women without a Past?: German Autobiographical Writings and Fascism (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2007)
  • H. G. Adler und Hermann Broch, Zwei Schriftsteller im Exil. Briefwechsel, ed. by Ronald Speirs with John White (Göttingen: Wallstein, 2004)
  • Ronald Speirs (ed.), The Writers' Morality: Festschrift for Michael Butler (Oxford: Lang, 2000)
  • Brecht's Poetry of Political Exile, ed. by Ronald Speirs (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000)
  • Ronald Speirs, Bertolt Brecht (London: Methuen, 1987)
  • Ronald Speirs (with Raymond Geuss, eds), Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy and Other Writings (Cambridge: CUP, 1999)
  • Ronald Speirs, Brecht's early plays (London: Macmillan, 1982)
  • Fascism and European Literature, ed. by Stein Ugelvik Larsen; Beatrice Sandberg and Ronald Speirs (Bern: Lang, 1991)
  • Ronald Speirs and Beatrice Sandberg, Franz Kafka (Macmillan 1997)
  • Germany's Two Unifications: Anticipations, Experiences, Responses, ed. by Ronald Speirs and John Breuilly (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2005)
  • Ronald Speirs, Thomas Mann: 'Mario und der Zauberer': A Critical Guide (London: Grant & Cutler, 1990)
  • Ronald Speirs and Peter Lassmann (eds), Max Weber, Political Writings (Cambridge, 1994)
  • Ruth Whittle (with Debbie Pinfold), Voices of Rebellion, Political Writing by Malwida von Meysenbug, Fanny Lewald, Johanna Kinkel and Louise Aston (Oxford: Lang, 2005