Research in Galician Studies 

Doing research on a topic related to Galician language, culture or history (cinema, theatre, literature, translation, music...) can be very good for your CV.

There are many areas of Galician language, history and culture that have not been studied in England, Wales or Scotland yet so you could become an expert on an area of your choice. You could also become a translator.

Some examples of research carried out in Galician Studies

  • Dr David Garcia Vidal, PhD on the re-configuration of the Galician literary system during the 80s and 90s, with a particular focus on Galician theatre and specifically on the collection of 105 texts published by the Escola Dramática Galega between 1978 and 1994
  • Dr Patricia Odber de Baubeta has carried out research on the medieval Galician Portuguese lyric as well as contemporary on Galician detective fiction.
  • Professor Frank Lough has published an article on the film A lingua das bolboretas based on a novel by the well-acclaimed Galician writer Manuel Rivas.
  • Dr Carmen Millán Varela, PhD awarded in 1998: Literary Translations in Galician: Appropriating James Joyce.
  • Xosé Luís de Toro Santos, MPhil awarded in 1998: Literatura gallega y crítica literaria en la Revista Nós (1920-1936).

Galician Review

Articles on aspects of Galician language, culture or history can be published in the Galician Review, the journal that the Centre for Galician Studies publishes annually.