Recent and current postgraduate research topics

Biographies and information on research from current students

Recent and current topics include

  • Advertising and Translation
  • Advertising Language in Portugal
  • Avel.lí Artís-Gener: entre l'autobiografia i la novella
  • Autobiography as Cultural Process: Chicano Writing from the 1970s and 1990s
  • Buñuel and Film
  • Chicano Studies
  • Contemporary Spanish Poetry: Luis Alberto de Cuenca
  • Julio Cortázar and the politically committed author
  • Rubem Fonseca, the short stories
  • Carlos Fuentes and the Kabbalah
  • Galicia and National Identity
  • Elena Garro's Short Stories as a Theory of Themselves: Towards a Theory of Reading
  • The Hispanic Canon
  • The Hispanic Caribbean: Unity and Diversity. A Comparative Study of the Contemporary Black Poetry of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic
  • Don Juan Manuel - The Biography
  • The Latin American Boom Novel
  • Literary Translations in Galician: Appropriating James Joyce
  • Literatura gallega y crítica literaria en la Revista Nós (1920-1936)
  • Lorca in Translation
  • Medieval Portuguese and English Drama
  • Medieval Spanish Chronicles
  • Mexican Film
  • The prose fiction of Miguel Espinosa
  • Shakespeare in Catalan Translation
  • Transgressive Nuns: re-writing and re-imaging the lives of Catalina de Erauso and Mariana de Alcoforado
  • Translation in the Language-Teaching Classroom