Staff in Hispanic Studies

Dr Nick Griffiths

Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies

Dr Nicholas Griffiths, Senior Lecturer, was an undergraduate and postgraduate student at Cambridge University and has taught in the Department of Hispanic Studies at Birmingham since September 1991. 

He is the author of The Cross and the Serpent: Religious Repression and Resurgence in Colonial Peru (published in both English and in Spanish) and Sacred Dialogues: Christianity and Native ...

Dr Conrad James

Lecturer in Hispanic Studies

Conrad James teaches a range of courses on the literature, culture and social history of the Spanish Caribbean and its diasporas. His work focuses mainly on Cuban, Dominican and Dominican-American writers.

Dr Monica Jato

Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies

I came to the University of Birmingham in September 2007. I previously worked at Michigan State University, The University of New Hampshire and The University of North Texas.

Professor Francis Lough

Professor of Hispanic Studies

My main teaching and research interests are in 20th and 21th century Spanish literature and cinema, although I have also an interest in the works of Jose Saramago, Felisberto Hernandez and the Spanish philosopher María Zambrano. Currently I am working on the literature of the Spanish Civil War, including graphic novels. 

Dr Elisenda Marcer Cortés

Lecturer in Catalan Studies

A native of Barcelona, I studied Hispanic Philology and completed the doctorate courses in Catalan Philology at the University of Barcelona. I arrived at the University of Birmingham in 2001 where I completed my doctoral thesis entitled ‘Intertextual dynamics in Gabriel Ferrater’s work: the role of English poetry’. I taught all levels of Catalan Language and content modules ...

Dr Yolanda Martinez

Spanish Language Tutor
Y2 Language Module Convenor

I have been teaching in the Department of Modern Languages since 2001. I teach a range of courses on Spanish Language at undergraduate level with a focus on EBL activities, Blended Learning, and autonomous learning. I am the module convenor for Y2 language modules.

Dr Robert Oakley

Honorary Research Fellow in Hispanic Studies

I taught Spanish, Portuguese and Luso-Brazilian Language and Literature at the University of Birmingham for 31 years, retiring in 1998.

Dr Patricia Odber de Baubeta

Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies and Director of the Cátedra Gil Vicente

Dr. Patricia Odber de Baubeta is Director of Portuguese Studies and Director of the Cátedra Gil Vicente in the Hispanic Studies section of the Department of Modern Languages.

Ira Ortigosa Pascual

Basque Language Tutor

Since September 2014, I am in charge of the position created at the University of Birmingham and funded by the Etxepare Basque Institute to promote Basque language and culture.

Dr Holly Pike

Teaching Fellow in Hispanic Studies

I am a teaching fellow in Hispanic Studies specialising in twentieth-century Hispanic literature, culture, gender and sexuality, and translation.

Dr Paulo Pires Pepe

Dr Paulo Pires Pepe

Portuguese Teaching Fellow
Coordinator of Portuguese Studies
Director of the Cátedra of Gil Vicente

After completing my undergraduate studies in Portugal, I moved to the UK where I completed a MA at Birkbeck College, University of London (2009-2010) before moving to the University of Nottingham, to write my doctoral thesis (2012-2016). I joined the University of Birmingham in October 2016.

Dr Lorraine Ryan

Birmingham Fellow

Dr. Ryan joined the University of Birmingham in January 2012.

She will be a visiting fellow to the IMLR (Institute of Modern Languages Research Institute) in the University of London for the academic year 2015-2016.

This year, she has been commissioned by the Georg Eckert Institute for School Textbook Research in Leipzig, Germany to provide professional expertise on counter-memory and its ...

Mr Antonio M. Sánchez

Lecturer in Latin American Cultural Studies

I have been at Birmingham since 2005. I teach Latin American culture, literature and intellectual history as well as Spanish language and translation.

Rosa Sánchez-Riobo

Spanish Language Intructor

Teaching Spanish language for undergraduates has been both a challenge and a pleasure for the past seven years. I sincerely hope to continue doing so for many coming years.

Ms Gemma Segura Sirvent

Catalan Language and Culture Teaching Fellow

I studied Catalan and Philosophy at the University Autonoma of Barcelona because I have always loved to read and to discover interesting facts about my language and literature.

Teaching what I love is a pleasure and I feel very fortunate because in my opinion learning and sharing make us alive and better people.

Dr Aengus Ward

Reader in Hispanic Studies

I have been a lecturer in the Department of Modern Languages (Hispanic Studies) since 1994. I teach medieval Spanish literature and Spanish language and linguistics. My research interests lie in the fields of medieval Spanish history and historiography, textual editing, diachronic phonology and syntax.

Dr Jules Whicker


I am an enthusiastic teacher and student of Hispanic Literature and Culture and especially that of the Spanish Golden Age, an era that originated many of the most compelling, sophisticated and influential works in Hispanic literature and art. I also have a long-standing interest in translation, having translated (independently and in collaboration) several golden-age comedias, a quantity of ...