Modules outside the Main Discipline (MOMD)

Languages for All (LfA) is the University of Birmingham's specialist language teaching team with extensive experience of delivering modern foreign language courses across the University and beyond.

Modules Outside the Main Discipline


Many degree programmes at Birmingham allow students to take a Module Outside the Main Discipline. Language modules are particularly popular. However, some degree programmes do not have provision for an MOMD, so students should check with their Department before enrolling. All Languages for All MOMDs are 20 credit modules.

Languages currently offered are French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian ,Spanish and Ukrainian

All languages are offered at beginners' level and many are available at higher levels. See Languages and Levels available as MOMD

Students who are not a complete beginner in their chosen language are asked to consult with staff in Languages for All to assess a suitable level of entry onto their language course.