Undergraduate study in Russian

Studying Russian at Birmingham gives you the potential to achieve a very high standard of fluency in spoken and written Russian.

You can start from beginner level or from advanced level (if you have studied Russian A-Level). Along with the language skills you'll gain, the critical thinking skills and knowledge that you will develop from the literary, political, social and cultural courses means you'll be well placed from the graduate employment field.

Russia has a rapidly growing economy and is home to over 140 million people, making it the most populous European nation. Russia’s Soviet-era links mean over 280 million people use the Russian language in Europe and Asia.

You can take Russian as a single language as part of our BA Modern Languages degree. Alternatively, our BA Modern Languages allows students to take up to three languages (only one may be from beginners level) or you can take Russian alongside a different subject, such as History, Music or History of Art. See below for the different options.

Single honours

Modern Languages BA

The key to understanding another society is mastering its language. From this starting point, you can examine a country's history, literature and culture, and by comparison you can learn more about our own society. 

You will choose to [more...]

Joint honours combinations

Open day talks

Vodka, Cabbage and Snow

You can read about the Russian Year Abroad experience in a blog by a recent graduate:http://vodkacabbageandsnow.blogspot.com/

Vodka Cabbage Snow