Your year abroad

As well as exploring and discovering somewhere new, you’ll benefit from thoroughly immersing yourself in another society and develop your awareness of anther country’s culture.

As you can see in our short film, many students find that their Year Abroad is quite simply the most fun, exciting, challenging and life-changing year of their course, and a significant boost to their language skills.

  • 95% of Erasmus students agreed that their knowledge of the host country’s culture, society and economy improved during their time abroad and 93% of agreed that their foreign language skills had improved according to The European Commission's "The Erasmus Impact Study"

During your second year, you will make plans for your Year Abroad with the support of the Department of Modern Languages. Staff will guide you through the different options and point you in the direction of a wealth of resources that are available to help you to choose what will suit you best.

Students taking one language

If you are studying one language, you can:

  • spend the whole year on a University placement (either the whole year at one university, or you can split the year between two universities),
  • work on a year-long teaching placement (French-, Spanish-, German- and Italian-speaking countries),
  • have a year-long work placement (European destinations only),
  • or split the year between a work placement and a University placement.

Students taking two or more languages

If you are studying more than one language, you have several possibilities. Please bear in mind that if you are studying a language from scratch, you will need to spend at least one semester in the country where that language is spoken so that you can really develop in that language.

If you are taking two languages, you can:

  • spend a full year on a University placement, plus a vacation course for your other language,
  • split the year between two University placements in different countries,
  • or divide your time between a work placement and a University placement.

If you are studying three languages, you can:

  • spend a semester each in two Universities and take a summer course at a third destination.

Students of Galician, Catalan and Basque can spend their Year Abroad at a University in the respective Iberian region, studying both Spanish and their second Iberian language. Students of Portuguese can benefit from one of our new Brazilian placements (the University has invested around 2 million pounds in building up contacts with Brazilian academic institutions).

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