Year abroad photo competition

Fourth Year students returning from their Year Abroad were asked to send us their photos that highlighted their year away. The photos showed the range of exciting and different experiences that students of the University of Birmingham can have whilst away, whether they are studying, working or teaching. We have put the very best up here for you to choose from. The winner will get to spend the day at Cadbury World with a friend!

Jake Hyslop - Granada, Spain

Congratulations Jake Hyslop! Jake has come in first place with his photo of Alhambra Palace, Granada. Well done Jake!

Description of the photo: The Alhambra Palace in Granada overlooks the city and is absolutely gorgeous from any view. The photo was taken from the Mirador de San Nicolás. We would hike up a few times a week for the view and cafés, and every single time out of the 50 or so, the view was never the same. Once covered in Snow, once with snow capped mountains in the background, sometimes cloudy, often blue skies. Here we have a storm over the Sierra Nevada, and a rainbow descending down right onto the Alhambra - the legend is true, there really is a pot of Gold at the end.

Emily Stafford - Valencia, Spain

In second place was Emily Stafford. Her photo was from her year abroad in - Valencia, Spain.




Other shortlisted photos

Natalie Amies - Saint-Pierre, Martinique Amanda Brown - Augsburg, Germany
Beatrice Hughes - Italy Sebastiano Rossi - Florence, Italy
Susie Lawrie - Meribel, France Zoe Fabian - Montreal, Canada