Ângela Maria Soares da Ponte

Ângela Maria Soares da Ponte

Department of Music
Doctoral researcher

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PhD Title: Ensaios Sobre Cantos - a portfolio of compositions
SupervisorsProfessor Jonty Harrison and Professor Michael Zev Gordon
PhD Musical Composition


The central focus of my thesis comprises a portfolio of original music for electroacoustic and instrumental groups that will, as practice-based/collaborative research, explore the impact of technological manipulation of recordings of traditional Azorean songs as well of the viola da terra – a traditional instrument from the Azores.

As well as my work on electro-acoustics, my doctorate will lay the path for the technical development of the viola da terra and for the creation of new repertoire for this instrument; it will challenge the limited nature of past practice, and offer the possibility for its integration into the contemporary music. Hence, I intend to investigate the influence of popular songs within my contemporary classical musical discourse, exploring too interaction between electroacoustic and instrumental means. I will search for new models of: harmonic structure; orchestration; extended techniques in the viola da terra performance and finally application of these models upon Western classical instruments.