Your future

A Liberal Arts and Sciences degree will give you the extra edge, particularly in the international graduate market. Graduate careers will range from the sciences to the creative arts; from finance to leading policy think tanks. 

In a fast changing world the jobs of tomorrow are only just emerging. Many graduates find employment in areas far removed from their primary area of study at University – or are likely to change careers several times in their lives –  and sometimes engage in a wider range of jobs with the same employer. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences recognises this phenomenon and is designed to meet the growing demand from leading employers, in the UK and internationally, for a new breed of dynamic business, public service and political leaders. 

Louis Koonjean, Resourcing & Succession Specialist, RWE npower  "What graduates need to recognise is that in most jobs they are likely to be doing something different within two years of commencing a graduate job and that what is important in their degree is the ability to demonstrate that they can master a range of information and skills and use them intelligently. The breadth associated with a Liberal Arts and Sciences degree is valuable in that it demonstrates mastery across a broader range of subjects than a traditional degree, while the Major demonstrates that a student can also work in greater depth"