Possible majors and requirements

You can pursue a large range of majors at Birmingham. Below are the possible majors available, which include any A Level or IB grades or subjects requiremed in order to pursue these subject majors.

Science majors

Biochemistry (requires A level/ HL Chemistry)
Biology (requires A level/ HL Biology)
Chemistry (requires A level/ HL Chemistry)
Computer science
Geography (requires A Level/ HL Geography)
Mathematics (requires A level/ HL 5 or SL 7 Mathematics)
Physics (requires A level/ HL Physics and A level/ HL 5 or SL 7 Mathematics or Pure Mathematics)

Arts majors

African Studies
American & Canadian Studies
Archaeology & Ancient History
Classical Literature & Civilisation
English Language – A level English grade A or A grade in select College of Arts & Law or IB English A course  
English Literature - A level English grade A or A grade in select College of Arts & Law or IB English A course 
European Studies
French – A-level French or A grade in Intermediate Level extra-mural French or IB French A or B
German– A-level German; or A grade in Intermediate Level extra-mural German; or International Baccalaureate German A or B
Hispanic Studies
History of Art 

Social Sciences majors

European Studies
International Relations
Political Science
Political Economy
Public Policy 
Social Policy 


Mixing subjects and modules

While it is possible to take a wide range of subjects as a major, and even more modules as one-off interests or as a minor, it is a simple fact of timetabling that not all combinations are possible, at all times. However, the structure of the Liberal Arts and Sciences degree allows you more flexibility than usual.

You can download our block timetable example to understand the combinations of subjects it is possible to study. If your chosen major is in one block, then you can choose to study any other subject from any other block in that same year.

If you want to study a subject which is in the same block as your major then, in principle, this can still be done but you will need to take it the following year.

We would be happy to discuss with you at interview the ways in which any particular combination of interests and subjects to you can be managed.

Other ways of mixing subjects

Using the Year Abroad to increase your mix

The Year Abroad offers yet another opportunity for flexibility. So if you find it is not possible to take some subject in years one or two (because the timetable simply doesn’t work given the combinations you want) then it is almost certain we can arrange to cover your preferences by judicious choice of Year Abroad location. As you will appreciate, life does involve trade-offs and inevitably no matter how excited we may be, we can’t study everything. So there will need to be compromises as you go through but we will work with you to ensure that we design the degree which best suits your evolving interests and talents.

Study Languages from the Centre for Modern Languages

If you are interested in doing a language as part of the degree (but not necessarily as major) then you have the additional option of taking languages from the Centre for Modern Languages either for credit (called a Module Outside the Main Discipline) or as an extracurricular Open Access Course.

The choice is yours. Module Outside the Main Discipline timeslots differ from the regular language timeslots and for the Open Access variant there are a wide variety of possible class time slots, including evenings, to facilitate busy schedules and preferred working times.