Your final year

PhD graduates celebrating

As you enter the final year, you will be in a position to concentrate on your chosen major or, should you wish, more than one major. You can also choose a major/minor combination. 

The final year also involves a capstone project, supervised by our leading faculty, which builds on the unique programme of study you have chosen. 

You can find out possible majors and required A-levels to study these majors on the Liberal Arts and Sciences coursefinder page.

In the below example, this student now has the choice of pursuing a major in English or Biology. This shows the types of module available after following the example pathway from year one.

Final year
40 credit dissertation focusing on major disciplines (but typically with interdisciplinary dimensions)  The biology of mating: Altruism and promiscuity in the novels of Jane Austen
Between 40 and 80 credits of Major: In this example, Biology Integrated Whole-Organism Biology

Applied and Environmental Micro-Biology
Up to 40 credits of second major, minor or other options: In this example, English Literature, Sexuality and the Body

Currents and Concerns in recent Postcolonial Writing