Your second year

Your second year can take a variety of forms and you and your advisor will determine the options which best suit you so that you continue to study a range of subjects whilst developing your expertise.

You may choose to continue to build modules in your chosen major, choose to explore another major, explore additional breadth modules and other options or some combination of all three. 

Such is the range of subjects we teach, that unfortunately it is not possible to study all combinations of subjects, however because of the flexibility that this degree offers in years one and two we can offer a wider range of possibilities within the timetable than in traditional three year degrees.  

Year Two Example
60 credits of potential Major (usually at least 40) Core skills for Data Analysis (Biosciences)

Cell Biology

Human Evolution, Adaptation and Behaviour
40 credits of other interests or other potential major (here English builds on year 1 breadth module).



Optional Module with a view to Birmingham Summer programme in China.
English: Approaches to Literature

English: Texts in History

Mandarin Chinese for Beginners