How to apply

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You can apply to the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). Information about the application process and the online application form can be found at the UCAS website. It is important that you remember that the University of Birmingham's UCAS code number is B32. You must enter this clearly on your application to ensure that it reaches us for consideration. The programme code for Liberal Arts and Sciences is Y001. 

Students wishing to follow our Natural Sciences route should also apply to Liberal Arts and Sciences (Y001) via UCAS. 

Entry Requirements

The Liberal Arts and Sciences programme requires grades of A*AA or International Baccalaureate Diploma with 36 points. If you have undertaken an Extended Project Qualifaction (EPQ), the offer is AAAA including an A in the EPQ.

For some pathways, specific A-levels or IB subjects are required in order to demonstrate the required knowledge to Major in certain subjects. Your choice of Major may be subject to restrictions on numbers and to any specific entry requirements which might apply. 

You can find out more about specific requirements on our Coursefinder page, or visit the Possible Majors page.

Standard English language requirements apply for this programme, as with other programmes.

Personal Statement

If you are applying for a range of different degrees, you are welcome to submit an additional personal statement for Liberal Arts and Sciences, but it is not a requirement of the application. In essence, we will be looking for students with a breadth of knowledge and interests, and with the intellectual curiosity to want to explore new subject areas and extra-curricular experiences. You may wish to consider the following questions when completing your personal statement:

  • How are the subjects that you are currently studying connected?
  • What extracurricular activities have you been part of? Are you part of a team? Society? Or volunteered within your community?

Contact us

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