Dr Grigory Sisoev PhD

Dr Grigory Sisoev

School of Mathematics

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School of Mathematics
Watson Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Grigori M. Sisoev is a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, School of Mathematics at the University of Birmingham. Dr Sisoev’s research interests include Fluid Mechanics and Computational Mathematics. Dr. Sisoev has published 41 journal and 33 conference papers. Dr Sisoev is a member of APS, LMS and GAMM.

School web page: web.mat.bham.ac.uk/G.Sisoev/


  • PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1990
  • MSc in Mechanics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1980


  • High Speed Flow
  • Waves
  • Research Frontiers in Applied Mathematics
  • Foundation Year mathematics
  • Reaction-diffusion systems in Chemistry and Biology
  • Complex Variable Theory

PhD opportunities



  • Hydrodynamic stability theory, flows of liquid films and jets, non-linear wave processes, multiphase flows, interface phenomena, heat and mass transfer
  • Dissipative dynamical systems, bifurcation theory
  • Computational Hydrodynamics


Sisoev, G.M., Goldgof, D.B., Korzhova, V.N. (2010), Stationary spiral waves in film flow over a spinning disk, Physics of Fluids, 22: 052106.

Sisoev, G.M., Usha, R. (2010) Wave regimes on power-law fluid film flowing down a porous plane, International Journal on Non-Linear Mechanics, 45:236-241.

Sisoev, G.M., Matar, O.K.,. Craster, R.V, Kumar, S. (2010), Coherent wave structures on falling fluid films flowing down a flexible wall, Chemical Engineering Science, 65:950-961.

Sisoev, G.M., Matar, O.K., Sileri, D., Lawrence, C.J. (2009), Wave regimes in two-layer microchannel flow, Chemical Engineering Science, 64:3094-3102.

Matar, O.K., Sisoev, G.M., Lawrence, C.J. (2008), Two-layer flow with one viscous layer in inclined channels, Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena, 3:126-148.

Matar, O.K., Sisoev, G.M., Lawrence, C.J. (2008) Thin film flow over spinning discs: the effect of surface topography and flow rate modulation, Chemical Engineering Science, 63:2225-2232.

Sisoev, G.M. (2008) Bifurcation of attractor in falling film problem, International Journal on Non-Linear Mechanics, 43:246-263.