Birmingham Postgraduate Elite Scholarship 

In 2009 the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (of which the School of Mathematics is a member) instituted a number of fully funded 'Postgraduate Elite Scholarships' available for Overseas (non EU) applicants who would like to undertake PhD research at the University of Birmingham. The details of the Scholarships are: 

  • The Scholarships are awarded for a period of 3.5 years.
  • Scholarships are expected to begin in September of the first year of the award (but start date is negotiable).
  • The Scholarship covers the full overseas fees.
  • The Scholarship pays a maintenance award (equivalent to that received by an EPSRC funded student in the same School).
  • The Scholarship pays a single £5000 research grant which can be spent on research related costs (travel, conferences, books, computing equipment etc) over the period of the award.

Up to ten Scholarships are offered each year across all engineering and physical science disciplines and are conditional on obtaining a First Class degree or equivalent in a relevant area.

Competition for these Postgraduate Elite Scholarships is intense. Award holders typically graduated at or near the top of their cohort in internationally leading universities. Many hold national or international prizes for their work as undergraduates. The School of Mathematics has recently been successful in being awarded an Elite Scholarship.

How to apply

Applicants should apply to the School of Mathematics for a PhD place in the usual way and contact Mrs Lowe at the School directly.  The Schools will then select the leading applicants for consideration by an external panel. The outcome is known by the beginning of February. It is essential that applications and paperwork need to be submitted to the School of Mathematics by the 31st December. This will provide the school with good time to make a strong case to interview well qualified candidates.