School of Mechanical Engineering Excellence Scholarships for UK and EU students 2014

The School of Mechanical Engineering is offering 10 Excellence Scholarships which are awarded for academic excellence. These are to reward the highest achieving students entering the School in autumn 2014. The overall highest academic achieving student/students as decided by the scholarship panel will receive an enhanced excellence scholarship.   

  Amount  Number available             Awarded for

School Excellence Scholarship



The scholarships are awarded for academic excellence. They are decided by a scholarship panel within the School of Mechanical Engineering. Grade A mathematics (or equivalent i.e. IB Mathematics HL grade 6) is a requirement for the scholarship.  

Enhanced School Excellence  Scholarship
up to an additional £2500*

There is additionally a further £2500 of scholarship funds available to be awarded as either an enhancement for the top adjudged student or to be split between the top students if no single student can be adjudged as individually ‘top’ by the scholarship panel.

There is no special application process for these scholarships – awards will be made by the decision of a scholarship panel held in the School of Mechanical Engineering after the start of the autumn semester.

All eligible UK and EU students admitted to the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Birmingham by the end of September to commence their studies in the October of their year of entry will be considered. Awards can be made to students following any programme offered by the School, including Foundation Year students.

Students in receipt of scholarships from organisations other than the University of Birmingham may receive the School Excellence Scholarship in addition to their other awards.

Students following programmes in Metallurgy and Materials are offered alternative scholarships by that School. 

Conditions are subject to change. Awards are made to candidates who meet the terms and conditions current at the time of application. Full terms and conditions of the 2014 scholarship scheme are below.

BP STEM Scholarships

Launched in 2012, the BP STEM Scholarships are intended to encourage and support students with a passion for certain STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) subjects. 

Each year BP will offer scholarships to up to 10 students from the University of Birmingham. Each scholarship is worth up to £20 000 with scholars receiving £5000 per year for the duration of their degree (up to four years). The scholarship is not intended to cover fees but offer students support with the costs of resources and living. Learn more about the BP STEM scholarships

Other scholarship opportunities

We also offer a wide range of additional department-based scholarships to high achieving students. For more information visit:

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