Wound Closure: Sutures and Tapes

Length: 3 weeks (introduction lecture, independent study and final presentations)

Level: 2nd year Biomaterials/Bioengineering

Key skills: Group working, communication (presentation skills) and independent study

Assessment: Group report and presentation

In the US around 250 million sutures per year are used for a variety of treatments, from treating minor cuts to being used in organ transplantation. Thus, there is a large demand for sutures in various shapes and forms. This case study requires you to consider the factors involved in suture function, construction and selection. This is a group-based activity on sutures and tapes used for wound closure. 

Session 1 (Introduction Lecture)

Background information on suture technology. This covers the various types of suture that can be used, suture requirements, how they are used, types of construction tapes.

Sessions 2 and 3

Independent study where the lecturer makes himself available for help guidance.

Session 4

Group presentations


  • Summarise the key stages of wound healing 
  • Find out the time taken for the wound to regain 50% of its original strength
  • Find out which type of suture construction reduces the possibility of wound infection.
  • Explain how polymer morphology affects the rate of biodegradation.
  • Find out when a tape would be used instead of a suture.


Each group must submit a single written report addressing the above tasks and summarising the main findings and conclusions drawn. The report is to be 1500 words long (about 4 pages) not including diagrams. Each group must also give a 10 minute presentation (40% of the case study mark). Ensure you introduce who you are and the main areas of your talk. Finish with a slide showing the main conclusions. Click for tips on presentations and reports.


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