Materials and Metallurgy - Course Summary

Materials Science is concerned with the structure, properties and processing of all materials. Graduates work at the cutting edge of technology, designing, developing and producing the materials used all around us. This programme has been designed to reflect the needs of materials engineers today and to combine the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to pursue a rewarding career.

Metallurgy and Materials Science provide a critical interface between science and engineering. These subjects are vital for design, development and application of advanced metals, ceramics, electronic device materials, polymers, fibre composites and many other innovative materials in medical, aerospace, power generation, automotive, construction, safety, sports and other applications of the future. Techniques draw upon solid state physics, solid state chemistry, polymer science, mechanics, microscopy, crystallography, experimental testing, design, computer modelling and forensic-style investigations.

Case studies in this subject provide a good opportunity to demonstrate to students the practical applications of the discipline – bridging the gap between theory and practice.