The Plug Case Study

You work for an electrical goods manufacturer and have been give a domestic 13 amp plug to investigate. It is manufactured by a rival company and is being produced at a reduced cost compared to your own product. Your boss wants to know the materials used by the competitor (and any information you can give about the process route used) in producing this plug and has given you a budget of £830 to carry out the investigation.

Using your £830 you must identify the materials being used in the following components in the plug:

  • Plug body (or casing)
  • Pins
  • Support for the cable
  • Screw 1
  • Fuse casing
  • Fuse wire
  • Fuse connecter

In total there are seven components you need to identify. You will be allowed to select from a number of techniques to help you with your identification but you will have to pay for the results. It is therefore important that you plan your investigation so that you do not go over budget.

One approach to the investigation would be to carry out a basic assessment for each of the components and then to use the remainder of your budget to provide greater detail on as many components as you have money for.