Cricket case studies

Length: 5 weeks (Briefing session, interim presentations, presentations)

Level: 1st year Sports and Materials Science

Key Skills: Group working, presentation skills, independent study

Assessment: Group Report and Presentation

This is a group-based case study that looks at the sport of Cricket. You are expected to carry out independent research on given topics to produce a group report and presentation.

Session 1 (Briefing)

Background to topic

Group allocation

Task set

Session 2

Independent Study

Session 3

Mini-presentation – must outline progress to date, all group members must attend. Failure to attend will mean a penalty of a 20% reduction in the final mark.

Session 4

Independent Study

Session 5

Final Presentation


1. Cricket – the historical perspective – 1 page in final report

The purpose of this task is to provide an insight into the development of the game. Investigate the origins of the sport, the MCC and the current rules of the game.

2. Materials in cricket – 3 pages in final report

This task is divided into three areas, the bat, the ball and protective clothing.

The bat – look at the design of the modern bat and identify the exact materials used in the construction of the blade and handle. Also consider the production process and the ‘knocking in’ stage. Explain why the materials have been chosen.

The ball – examine the construction and materials used.

Protective clothing – again, what materials are used and why?

3. The future of cricket and how materials may influence the game – 1 page in final report.


Each group must submit a single written report addressing the above tasks and summarising the main findings and conclusions drawn. The report is to be 1500 words long (about 4 pages) not including diagrams. Each group must also give a 10 minute presentation (40% of the case study mark). Ensure you introduce who you are and the main areas of your talk. Finish with a slide showing the main conclusions. Click for tips on presentations and reports.