Student Perception of Case Studies

Feedback has shown that most students enjoy the case study approach and find it useful for contextual learning, developing key skills, increasing interest and motivation, and learning to work independently.

Comments from students include,

Contextual learning

‘Well, it’s real stuff isn’t it? Otherwise you can feel like you’re just doing something for the sake of it. When you do a case study you go out and find information that is being used in real life.’

‘It’s something different where you actually apply what you’re learning’

‘Allows us to relate theory we have learned in lectures to actual cases'

‘It can be a very useful way of learning. When we did that case study on the Space Shuttle Challenger, I found it really interesting because it was actually real materials and their application and that helps to put it into an industrial context which made it more interesting.’

Learning and developing key skills

‘It is good to work in groups and carry out work in a team’

‘Improves our presentation skills, both verbally and grammatically’

'Encourages group work which is essential for work after university.'

Interest and Motivation

‘Makes learning very interesting’

Enhancing understanding of subject

‘Aids understanding of principles and material properties’

‘Helps us improve our knowledge of materials’

Independent Study

‘I’m developing skills in gathering information and using different sources’

‘They give us hands on experience of researching materials’

‘They help us learn to critically analyse information’