Risk, Abuse and Violence programme

Programme Lead:  Dr Caroline Bradbury-Jones

Aim of RAV

Our aim is to build a body of research and scholarly evidence in relation to Risk, Abuse and Violence that dovetails with and informs teaching and clinical activities in the University of Birmingham and builds on the evidence base within health and social care.  

Focus and vision

This research programme was formally established in September 2016 and builds on considerable research undertaken by core members in preceding years. Our vision is that RAV will give structure and identity to the risk, abuse and violence research activities in the School of Nursing. We will grow capacity and reach a critical mass within the RAV programme. We intend that the RAV programme will put University of Birmingham on the map as the university that undertakes high quality research and associated educational provision in risk, abuse and violence.


Staff members

  • Dr Caroline Bradbury-Jones (RAV programme lead)
  • Professor Debbie Carrick-Sen
  • Marie Clancy
  • Dr Maria Clark
  • Dr Nikos Efstathiou
  • Dr Nutmeg Hallett
  • Professor Julie Taylor
  • Dr Chris Wagstaff

Student members

  • Louise Isham (PhD student F/T) When Elderly People Abuse their Carers (Bradbury-Jones & Hewison)
  • Rosa Keneally (PhD student F/T) An exploration of midwives’ experiences in their role in responding to DVA towards women in pregnancy (Bradbury-Jones, Ward & Clark)
  • Susan Waigwa (PhD student F/T) Health Education as an Intervention to Prevent Female Genital Mutilation (Taylor, Bradbury-Jones and Doos)

Affiliated members

In addition to the core team we have multiple affiliated members. They are affiliated by virtue of their close work with us. The affiliated members are multiple organisations (e.g. NSPCC, Women’s Aid, NHS, HEIs) and international (e.g. USA, Finland, New Zealand).  

Examples of current/very recent RAV projects

2017 Bradbury-Jones, C., McGarry, J., Adams, P., Sheridan, J., Kishchenko, S., Sheridan, J., McFeely, C. & Hegarty, K. Developing an inter-professional U21 curriculum for Gender Based Violence as an interactive learning resource. U21.

2017 Hallett, N. & Wagstaff, C. Prevalence of aggression experienced by nursing students during clinical placements: Cross-sectional survey.

2017   Carrick-Sen, D Scoping of current gaps and service provision of Perinatal Mental Health Services in Birmingham and Solihull.

2017 Carrick-Sen, D Service user experience of perinatal mental health in Birmingham, using poetic narrative story-telling.

2017 Carrick-Sen, D; Young, M; Type and efficacy of natural sex selection methods: A systematic review.

2017 Carrick-Sen, D; Shepherd, L. Preventing adrenal renal crisis through a behaviour base intervention. 

2016 Bradbury-Jones, C. & Ward, N. Gender, Sexual Diversity and Professional Practice Learning (The DAPPLE project). Education Enhancement Fund UoB.              

2016 Whittaker, A.; Elliott, L.; Dawe, S.; Harnett, P.; Taylor, J; Kirk, C.; Littlewood, P.; Stoddart, A. Improving outcomes for children and families affected by paternal substance use: a feasibility study of the Parents Under Pressure (PuP) programme with a focus on fathers.

Bradbury-Jones, C. & Taylor, J. Identification and Referral to Improve Safety (IRIS): Evaluation of two Birmingham sites.

2016 Taylor, J. & Bradbury-Jones, C. Child Protection Issues in Military Families. NSPCC.

2015 Whittaker, A.; Elliott, L.; O’Farrell, T.; Taylor, J; Klostermann, K.; Stoddart, A. Behavioural Couples Therapy as an adjunct to opioid substitution therapy for drug dependent parents.

2015 Lewis, A., Clark, M. & Bradbury-Jones, C. Public health nurses’ knowledge and confidence in promoting positive sexual health of young people who use technology to share self-images known as ‘selfies’ and/or ‘sexting’.

2015 Bradbury-Jones, C. & Hewison, A. When Elderly People Abuse their Carers: A mixed-methods study to investigate the health and social care needs of carers.

2015 Optimity Matrix; Taylor, J. Approaches to improve identification and referral of children and young people who display sexually harmful behavior. Economic evaluation.

2015 Levy, S.; Taylor, J. Child protection digital playground. Principal’s Teaching Award Scheme. 

Selected publications


Bradbury-Jones, C., Clark, M.T. & Taylor, J. (2017) Abused women’s experiences of a primary care identification and referral intervention: A case study analysis. Journal of Advanced Nursing. In press.

Breckenridge, J., Devaney, J., Duncan, F., Kroll, T., Lazenbatt, A., Taylor, J. & Bradbury-Jones, C. (2017)  Conducting sensitive research with disabled women who experience domestic abuse during pregnancy: Lessons from a qualitative study. SAGE Research Methods. http://dx.doi.org/10.4135/9781473989139

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