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Welcome to your Physics and Astronomy Community: a network for alumni, students, faculty and friends from the School of Physics and Astronomy and part of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Community.

Whether a student, recent graduate or seasoned alumnus, let us know where you are and what you are doing.



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You are welcome to attend the many seminars and talks held at the School, including the fortnightly colloquia.

Community news

Making Mini Big Bangs at the Large Hadron Collider

Much has been made of the discovery of the Higgs boson – the elementary particle pivotal to the Standard Model of physics – and rightly so. Yet the so-called 'God particle', hypothesised for so long and finally confirmed in 2012, is responsible for only one per cent of the mass of the visible universe. The other 99 per cent is due to the Strong Force.Professor David Evans, School of Physics and Astronomy, talks about his work at the Large Hadron Collider.

Birmingham Physics graduate uses app technology to shape guitarists of tomorrow

Former physics student, Stuart Bahn, left Birmingham with a degree in physics and now uses his technological skills to develop application technology to help aspiring guitarists learn where notes are located on the guitar.

New Staff in Physics & Astronomy, November 2013 – March 2014

A round-up of new Physics and Astronomy staff members November 2013 – March 2014
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There are many ways you can get involved in the School, your relationship with us doesn't end with graduation.

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Alumni profiles

  • Hannah Vaughan
    Trainee Pilot, British Airways Future Pilot Programme
  • Andy Johns
    Teacher and Head of Year, Dollar Academy
  • Catherine Goode
    Games Designer, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
  • Mark Thurston
    Patent Attorney, Barker Brettell LLP, Ph.D. Astrophysics (2000)
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