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IUPAP International Conference on Women in Physics

The International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) is delighted to announce that the 6th conference in this series will be hosted by Birmingham, UK. The conference will be held in July 2017 at the University of Birmingham, organised in partnership with the Institute of Physics (IOP) and the Universities of Nottingham and Warwick. Having all been awarded Juno Champion status by IOP, the three universities' physics departments are strongly committed to promoting diversity and look forward to being fully involved in the conference.
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Cosmic giants shed new light on dark matter

Astronomers at the University of Birmingham, Academica Sinica in Taiwan, and the Kavli Institute of Physics and Mathematics of the Universe in Japan, have found new evidence that the mysterious dark matter that pervades our universe behaves as predicted by the 'cold dark matter' theory known as 'CDM'.

Professor Kai Bongs wins £249,910 grant from Leverhulme Trust

Professor Kai Bongs has won £249,910 from the Leverhulme Trust for the project, Understanding and Exploiting Quantum Processes in Nature.

Birmingham joins the world's largest nuclear physics research facility

Researchers from Birmingham will have access to the most impressive and advanced nuclear physics research facility in the world as the UK has today officially become part of a €1.6 billion* international project that will become to nuclear physics what CERN is to particle physics.

Particle physics at the precision frontier

Particle physics at the precision frontier
Birmingham Fellow Evgueni Goudzovski, School of Physics and Astronomy, discusses the Higgs Boson, the Standard Model, and his role in the NA62 experiment at CERN. This research really matters!

Research news: Professor William Chaplin research grant

Prof W J Chaplin, School of Physics and Astronomy, won £155,078 from the Commission of the European Communities for the project, FP7 COLLAB SoSoSA.

GWIC Thesis Prize

Congratulations to Paul Fulda for his award from The Gravitational Wave International Committee.

Student observations of Comet Ison herald a new era at Wast Hills Observatory

University of Birmingham undergraduates have made history by capturing an early glimpse of the eagerly anticipated Comet Ison during the last ever observation at the University's Wast Hills Observatory before a major upgrade project begins.

Research news: Dr Nikolopoulos grant award

The title of the project is "Study of the ElectroWeak Symmetry Breaking and the Higgs Sector with the ATLAS detector at the LHC" and corresponds to (€100,000) £78,125 for four years.

Senior particle physicist from Birmingham takes on lead role at the ATLAS experiment

Dave Charlton, Professor of Particle Physics at the University of Birmingham's School of Physics and Astronomy, takes up the position of Spokesperson, the overall scientific lead, for the ATLAS project at the Large Hadron Collider, CERN, on 1 March 2013.

Research news - Professor Bongs research grant

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