Comments from teachers and students

Some comments from students andf teachers following school visits by the Schools Liaison team.


  • Useful for me to find out about research areas
  • Very well prepared - good balance between developments in Physics and University specific projects
  • Sounded as if it (School of Physics at Birmingham) has "finger on the pulse" of current research
  • The pupils were very impressed
  • A very good level for the students - interesting
  • Particularly enjoyed snapshots of present and past students and their destinations
  • Brought in many interesting topics - showed the depth of Physics & what it leads to
  • Very informative & useful
  • Language used appropriate to students' experience
  • Good to have an ex-teacher giving the talk - can use the right language



  • The presentation was very informative, especially the mini movies
  • The level of the talk was just stretching enough
  • Some very interesting new Physics ideas
  • I found it very useful as I'm considering Astrophysics
  • Has encouraged me to look more into it
  • Very interesting even though I'm not considering Physics degrees
  • A range of topics were covered and they were all very informative
  • I felt a scary warming towards Physics
  • A number of things updated my existing knowledge
  • I'm now considering a Physics degree
  • I'm now aware of what new research is happening
  • I didn't know there were so many possibilities
  • I have learnt something about the latest Physics
  • I think there is a lot more to Physics now
  • [Physics degrees] are much wider than I thought before in terms of specialisation


  • I learned a lot of new things
  • It has changed my views to the better
  • It was very informative and useful
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