Physics Experience Week

This week long event is open to individual Year 11/10 students (no more than 2 at the most from any one school) who are committed to studying A-levels in Physics and Mathematics in following years.  We are looking to accept applicants who can communicate their enthusiasm for the subject and can demonstrate from their previous academic studies that they have the ability to apply themselves to university-level physics themes.  A supporting reference from your physics teacher is required.

Please note that we normally have more applications/requests than we can take, and selection is based on the references/information provided on the request form. We expect students accepted onto this event to commit to attend ALL FIVE DAYS FROM 9.00am to 5.00pm

Each day (9.00am to 5.00pm) involves a mixture of talks, workshops and activities; interacting with Academic Staff and current students. Pupils taking part will be expected to make their own travel arrangements to and from the University and for lunch-times and other short breaks during each day.  Pupils attending who do not live in the Birmingham area will also have to organise their own accomodation arrangements for the week.  Please note that the University will only be responsible for pupils between 9.00am and 5.00pm, excluding lunchtimes.

The Physics Experience Week for Summer 2016 will run from Monday 27th June to Friday 1st July 2016. 


The closing date for this event is Sunday 31st January 2016.

Please post or email your request form, together with your teacher reference to;

Linda Rogers

School of Physics & Astronomy

The University of Birmingham



B15 2TT


We have a maximum of 24 places for this activity.