Forthcoming Events

  • Mini Particle Physics Masterclasses .  For groups of up to 30 A-level students); available Tuesday mornings (3 hours 30 minutes) in schools or on campus by arrangement.  The session includes an introductory presentation on the ATLAS detector, training students to identify the different types of events (collisions) and hands-on computer analysis with the aim of identifying particles and calculationg the raity of particular events as well as estimating the mass of the Z boson.  The masterclass uses real data from CERN.  For more information, please email Maria Pavlidou to discuss possible dates/make a booking.  
  • Olympic Project Day (for Year 9 students) - Tuesday 7th July 2015 - ALL DAY.  This event involves teams of students working on specific experiments, collecting data, plotting relevant graphs and drawing conclusins.  Each team will present their findings in a poster/presentation session afterward and will be marked on various aspects of their work.  Gold, silver and bronze plus participation awards will be handed out at the end of the day.  Schools are invited to enter up to 6 students in teams of 2.  Please email Lynne Long to book places/get further information.

            Wednesday 22nd October 2014 - Hot & Cold Physics Yr 10

            Wednesday 26th November 2014 - Theoretical Physics "Thinking like a Theorist" Yr 12

            Wednesday 3rd December 2014 - Particle Physics Ideas - Yr 12

            Wednesday 11th February 2015 - Light & Sound - Yr 11

            Wednesday 4th March 2015 - Rocket Science - Yr 8

            Please email to book places on these events.


Archive of reports and photos from past events.