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Thinking of joining us at the University of Birmingham? We asked our students to give 10 reasons why you should study here:

We hold Open Days and other events for prospective students throughout the year. For 2014, the dates for our planned Open Days are as follows;

  • Saturday 13th September
  • Saturday 18th October

For details of our events for schools, visit our Schools Outreach pages.

For further information please contact:
Undergraduate Admissions Tutor
Tel: 0121 414 4563

A typical Open Day programme

The School was one of the founding areas of study at the University of Birmingham at the beginning of the 20th century. Its first students would marvel at the advances made in physics since that time, and the topics being studied by students now.

As well as offering degrees in Physics, Physics with Astrophysics and other possible combinations including Particle Physics and Cosmology or Nanoscale Physics. Should students wish to do so, there is also the opportunity to study for a year at a university abroad.






Display and demonstrations

All Day Poynting Physics (R13) First Year Laboratory,Ground Floor, Poynting Physics Building G

DVD – Why Physics at Birmingham?

All Day
Poynting Physics (R13)
Coffee Lounge, 
2nd Floor

Talk – How to Make an Invisibility Cloak – Controlling Light with Metamaterials

09.45 Poynting Physics (R13)
Large Lecture Theatre, 2nd Floor, 2

Talk – Seven Wonders of the Nano World

10.30 Poynting Physics (R13)
Large Lecture Theatre, 2nd Floor

Tour of Nanoscale Physics Research Lab (you need to have signed up to this event: see details below)

11:15 Physics East Nanoscale Research Lab. Assemble Foyer, Poynting Physics, Building R13.  

Alumni question and answer session– meet recent graduates and find out how our teaching and industrial contacts have helped students succeed after graduation

Poynting Physics (R13)
Small Lecture Theatre, 2nd Floor

Talk – Sounding stars and the search for new planets in the Galaxy

12:00 Poynting Building (R13) Large Lecture Theatre, 2nd Floor

Talk - Physics to a degree:
Studying Physics at the University of Birmingham

12:45 Poynting Building (R13) Large Lecture Theatre, 2nd Floor

Talk - Physics to a degree:
Studying Physics at the University of Birmingham

13:30 Poynting Building (R13) Small Lecture Theatre, 2nd Floor

Talk - Refrigerators made from photons

13:30 Poynting Building (R13) Large Lecture Theatre, 2nd Floor

Talk - Recreating the Big Bang: the LHC at CERN

14:15 Poynting Building (R13) Large Lecture Theatre, 2nd Floor

Talk - Meeting the Ever Growing Demand for Energy: Nuclear Power Past, Present and Future

15.00 Poynting Building (R13) Large Lecture Theatre, 2nd Floor

Open Day Tour: the new Nanoscale Physics Research Laboratory at 11.15am*:

Register for the tour on our June Open Days - 27 -28 June 2014 by using the following email -

Only 30 places are available for each day. You will be notified by e-mail if you have secured a place. 

Displays and advice desks

The Admissions Tutor and academic members of staff, are available to give advice and answer questions in the First Year Laboratory, ground floor of Poynting Physics Building (R13) from 9 am to 4 pm.

Also, in the First Year Laboratory:

  • See examples of undergraduate laboratory work.
  • Meet with current undergraduate students.
  • Look at demonstrations provided by our Research Groups

There is also a 'Why Physics at Birmingham?' DVD showing all day in the Physics coffee lounge, on the second floor of the Poynting Physics building (R13).

For details of our next Open Days, contact Irina Hoffman, our Undergraduate Admissions Tutor.

For general information on undergraduate Open Days at the University of Birmingham, visit the Open Days page on the main University website.

Applicant days

Once we receive your application and we know that we will be able to make you an offer based on that application, we will invite you and your parents or guardians to one of our School Applicant Days. These take place throughout November until mid-March of the following year. A general talk and open discussions with members of staff follow a buffet lunch. You are then taken on a tour of the School, the campus, and the Halls of Residence. By the end of the day detailed information on all aspects of student life and academic programmes will have been provided. We no longer hold interviews, simply because we have too much to show you during the day. Interviews have been replaced with a small group discussion with a member of academic staff. However, if you wish to discuss your particular application on an individual basis with a member of staff, we would be happy to arrange that for you.