Lab director

Lab members (past and present)

Some of the people that are currently in the lab or have studied in the lab over the years.

  • Dr Chie Takahashi (Research Fellow)
  • Hayley Dewe (PhD student / MSc student)
  • Rachel Marchant (ESRC PhD student / MSc student)
  • Terence Fong (PhD student)
  • Mehek Ali (MSc student)
  • Emma Broglia (Research Assistant, MSc student, UG student)
  • Lucy Joyce (MSc student)
  • Lucy Andrews (PhD student / MSc student) 
  • Kelly James (MSc student) 

Collaborators (past and present)

People I have worked with in the past or work with presently.  

  • Dr Nick Medford (University of Sussex)
  • Professor Klaus Kessler (Aston University)
  • Professor Arnold Wilkins (University of Essex)
  • Dr Derrick Watson (University of Warwick)
  • Dr Andrew Bagshaw (University of Birmingham)
  • Dr Kevin Dent (University of Essex)
  • Dr Johan Hulleman (University of Manchester)
  • Dr Dana Samson (Universite catholique de Louvain, Belgium)
  • Prof Ian Apperly (University of Birmingham)
  • Professor Glyn Humphreys (University of Oxford)
  • The late Dr Ed Chronicle (formerly of the University of Lancaster) 



Dr Jason Braithwaite