Professor Zoe Kourtzi

Chair in Brain Imaging

School of Psychology

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University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


Professor Kourtzi’s research focuses on imaging the neural processes in the human brain that mediate complex, adaptive cognitive functions and behaviour. In particular, she combines multimodal brain imaging methods (structural and functional MRI, EEG, MEG), established behavioural paradigms from cognitive psychology and state-of-the art mathematical algorithms to understand the link between brain structure, neural function and behaviour. The development of these multidisciplinary and advanced tools has direct applications for translational research in ageing and neurological disorders with potential impact for the prevention and treatment of nervous system disorders. Within this framework research in Professor Kourtzi's lab spans diverse areas in neuroscience: visual brain imaging, learning and plasticity, cognitive development of the intact and impaired brain across the lifespan from infancy to ageing.


Selected publications

Mayhew S D , Li S, Storrar J K, Tsvetanov J A, Kourtzi Z (2010). Learning Shapes the Representation of Visual Categories in the Aging Human Brain. J Cogn Neurosci. 22(12) 2899-2912

Kourtzi Z, (2010) Visual learning for perceptual and categorical decisions in the human brain. Vision Res. 50(4) 433-440 

Zhang J , Kourtzi Z (2010). Learning-dependent plasticity with and without training in the human brain. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 107(30) 13503-13508 

Gerardin P, Kourtzi Z, Mamassian P (2010). Prior knowledge of illumination for 3D perception in the human brain Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. (in press) 

Chen D, Li S, Kourtzi Z, Wu S (2010). Behavior-Constrained Support Vector Machines for fMRI Data Analysis IEEE. Transactions on Neural Networks 21(10) 1680-1685 

Zhang J, Meeson A, Welchman A E, Kourtzi Z (2010). Learning alters the tuning of functional magnetic resonance imaging patterns for visual forms J. Neurosci 30(42) 14127-33 

Preston T J , Kourtzi Z, Welchman, A E (2009). Adaptive Estimation of Three-Dimensional Structure in the Human Brain. J Neurosci. 29(6), 1688-1698

Li S, Mayhew S D, Kourtzi Z (2009) Learning shapes the representation of behavioral choice in the human brain. Neuron.62 441-452

Duncan K K, Hadjipapas A, Li S, Kourtzi Z, Bagshaw A, Barnes G (2009) Identifying spatially overlapping local cortical networks with MEG. Hum. Brain. Mapp.(in press)

Jastorff J, Kourtzi Z, Giese M A (2009) Visual learning shapes the processing of complex movement stimuli in the human brain. J. Neurosci.29(44) 14026-14038

Schwarzkopf D S, Zhang J, Kourtzi Z (2009) Flexible learning of natural statistics in the human brain. J. Neurophysiol.102(3) 1854-1867

Raemaekers M, Lankheet M J,Moorman S, Kourtzi Z,van Wezel R J (2009) Directional anisotropy of motion responses in retinotopic cortex. Hum Brain Mapp.30(12) 3970-3980

Please see the Cognitive Neuroimaging Lab for more publications and PDFs  


Imaging the neural processes in the human brain; understanding the brain mechanisms that mediate our ability to learn and enhance our cognitive abilities across the lifespan

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