Jess Kerlin

Jess Kerlin

School of Psychology
Research Associate
Doctoral Researcher

Contact details

School of Psychology
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Jess Kerlin is currently studying visual attention and working memory, with the goal of uncovering the neural mechanisms which underlie these processes. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology under the supervision of Professor Kimron Shapiro and Professor Jane Raymond, utilizing a number of behavioural and neuroimaging techniques to address critical questions in the field.


BA in Psychobiology, University of California, Santa Cruz


Since graduating from UC Santa Cruz, Jess worked as a research associate with Professor Frank Tong at Princeton and Vanderbilt and with Professor Lee Miller at UC Davis. He served on a number of fMRI and EEG neuroimaging projects on visual and auditory perception.

He has also previously trained as an emergency medical technician, served as an English teacher in Hanoi, and worked as a process engineer for the startup PlanarMag in Sacramento, California.


Research interests

  • Visual Perception and Visual Working Memory
  • Neural Oscillations
  • Reward and dopaminergic learning


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