Dr Rachel Wright BSc MSc PhD

School of Psychology
Research Fellow

Contact details

School of Psychology
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Rachel Wright is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working in the Sensory Motor Neuroscience research group. Her work involves motion capture to analyse aspects of human movement and balance control.  Her current research is funded by The Stroke Association and investigates auditory cueing in walking and stepping.


Ph.D. (Worcester/ Coventry) M.Sc. (Gloucestershire) B.Sc. (Liverpool)


I studied Physiology and Human Movement Science where my early research interests were in sport research. My interest shifted towards biomechanics and health populations and I completed a Ph.D. investigating differences between fallers and non-fallers in the older adult population.  I joined the University of Birmingham in 2009.


Posture and Balance


Research Interests

Gait analysis and rehabilitation, stability during movement, falls prevention, physical activity and health

Other activities

Rachel is a member of the International Society for Posture and Gait Research and the International Society of Biomechanics.


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