Exciting times for Philosophy at Birmingham 

As noted elsewhere, these are exciting times for the Department of Philosophy at Birmingham. The University of Birmingham is investing significantly in Philosophy and as a result philosophy has recently expanded dramatically. 

New appointments

This expansion is quality driven and the aim is for Birmingham to build on its international reputation to become one of the foremost Philosophy departments in the UK for research, graduate supervision and undergraduate teaching. In order to achieve our goal, we are appointing and recruiting a significant number of new staff. The new permanent members of staff include Dr Hanna PickardProfessor Ian RumfittProfessor Scott SturgeonDr Maja Spener and Dr Alex Silk.  

Birmingham Fellows

Through the whole University wide competition, we have also been able to appoint recently a number of Birmingham Fellows. In 2011-2012, we appointed Dr Alastair Wilson (previously at Oxford and Monash). Last year, we have appointed two new Birmingham Fellows. These are Dr Nicholas Jones (previously at Merton College, Oxford and King's College, London; working on metaphysics, logic and philosophy of language), and Dr Jeremy Williams (previously a Leverhulme fellow here at Birmingham; working on moral and political philosophy).

Distinguished Research Professors

Most excitingly Birmingham has appointed seven ‘Distinguished Research Professors’ from amongst the best philosophers in the world. The new appointments will be Paul Boghossian (NYU), Hartry Field (NYU), Kit Fine (NYU), Alison M. Jaggar (Colorado, Boulder), Stephen Neale (CUNY), Susanna Siegel (Harvard), and Ralph Wedgwood (Southern California). These appointments joined Birmingham in early Summer 2013. These appointments will be for three years with the expectation of renewal.  

All the Distinguished Research Professors will be fully involved in the life of the Birmingham Department for at least four weeks each year. They will present and discuss research and will be available for doctoral co-supervision (in conjunction with permanent staff). Birmingham Graduate students will benefit from world class PhD supervision and their input into the research culture will ensure that Birmingham is amongst the most exciting places to be a philosopher.