Postgraduate Search! videos

Postgraduate Search! on TVDr David Cheetham and Professor Heather Widdows recently took part in some interviews with Postgraduate Search! about the School of Philosophy, Theology and Religion and the range of opportunities it offers for postgraduate students.

School overview

Heather and David give an overview of the areas covered by the School and the postgraduate student experience.

School strengths

Heather and David discuss the strengths of the School - from their staff members to the courses offered including the new distance learning MA and PhD programmes.

New developments

Heather and David talk about the exciting new developments in the School including distinguished new academic staff and how the School is developing a fresh innovative philosophical approach.

Contact time

Heather and David explain about contact time and the many forms it can take.

Jobs and careers

Heather and David discuss the diverse range of job opportunities for Philosophy graduates.


In the final Postgraduate Search! video Heather and David talk about the skills, experience and backgrounds necessary for postgraduate study