Eric Eck

Eric Eck

Department of Philosophy
Doctoral researcher

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ERI Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

  • PhD title: Atheological considerations and a theistic multiverse
  • Supervisor: Yujin Nagasawa


A popular theory in modern science is that our universe is but one of many. Every thing or place we could ever possibly come into contact still fails to encompass all which exists because separate spatiotemporally distinct universes, possibly infinite in number, also compose reality. This is commonly know as the multiverse hypothesis. Several flavors of the view exist but my research focuses on a version which incorporates theism; a multiverse with universes actualized by God or a theistic multiverse.

For some reason, this theistic multiverse (TM) hypothesis arguably has the advantage of being in step with current scientific theorizing. Additionally, some philosophers argue that the multiverse theory itself provides a valid response to some common atheological arguments such as the problem of evil. Evil may exist in our universe, but in the context of the multiverse the good outweighs the bad so there is no overriding problem of evil, for example.

But does TM actually refute the atheist argument? Is it ever really possible to supply valid responses to any atheistic argument when it is evaluated under the context of a multiverse? I am examining some of the more common arguments for the non-existence of God against well-known models of multiverse hypothesis in an attempt to answer this question.

My PhD builds upon earlier research which I did at the University of St Andrews during my Masters study. There I developed an interest in the relationship between metaphysics and the philosophy of religion. I can be contacted via email.