Philosophy Society seminars 2013-2014 

All seminars are in the European Research Institute, Room 149, and begin at 4.15. All Welcome!

  • For more information please contact the convenor Darragh Byrne


Summer Term 2014

6 May
Barbara Vetter (Humboldt-Universität)
What abilities are not 

12 May
Shen-Yi Liao (Nanyang Technological University & Leeds)
Aesthetic adjectives

19 May
Jeff McMahan (Rutgers)
The comparative badness for animals of death and suffering

Previous seminars

Spring 2014

20 January 
Anne Phillips (LSE) 
Human Dignity: A Useful Concept? 

27 January 
David Etlin (LMU Munich) 
Vague Desire: The Sorites and the Money Pump 

10 February 
Bryan Pickel (Edinburgh) 
Naming, Saying and Structure 

24 February 
Thomas Sattig (Tübingen) 
Structure and Quasi-Structure of Objects 

3 March 
Tim Bayne (Manchester) 

17 March 
Mark Sprevak (Edinburgh) 
Predictive Coding 

24 March 
Nick Trakakis (Australian Catholic University & Birmingham) 
Advaita Vedanta and British Idealism 


Autumn Term 2013

7 October 
Mary Leng (York) 
Taking Morality Mathematically: Enoch's Indispensibility Argument 

21 October 
James Pattison (Manchester) 
The Morality of Pivate War: The Challenge of Private Military and Security Companies 

28 October 
Julia Annas (Arizona) 
Why Virtue Ethics Does Not Have a Problem with Right Action 

18 November 
Maria Navarro (Spanish National Research Council & Birmingham) 
Poor Heuristics: A Case of Cross-Cultural Variation in Heuristic Reasoning 

25 November 
Mark Jago (Nottingham) 
Impossible Worlds 

9 December 
Guy Kahane (Oxford) 
History and Non-Identity 

Summer 2013

22 April
Corine Besson (Birkbeck, University of London)
Interpreting what Achilles Said to the Tortoise

29 April
Tim Button (University of Cambridge)
Conceptual Cosmopolitanism: What Conceptual Relativity Might Be and Could Do

9 May
David Chalmers (ANU and New York University)

13 May
Lilian O’Brien (UCC, Ireland)
Actions, Reasons and Presuppositions

15 May
Erik Angner (George Mason University, US)
Subjective Wellbeing: When, and Why, It Matters 

Spring Term, 2013

14 January
Phillip Meadows (UWE, Bristol)
Holes Cannot Be Counted As Immaterial Objects

28 January
Ben Colburn (University of Glasgow)

4 February
Jane Friedman (University of Oxford)

4 March
Bart Streumer (University of Reading)
Unbelievable Errors


Autumn Term, 2012

1 October
John Bishop (University of Auckland, NZ)
Trusting Others, Trusting in God, Trusting the World

8 October (hosted by the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics):
Seumas Miller (Charles Sturt University, Au) 
Shooting to Kill: De Menezes and Collective Responsibility

22 October
Chris Tucker (University of Auckland, NZ)
If Dogmatists have a Problem with Cognitive Penetration, You do Too

5 November
Daniel Greco (NYU, US)
Iteration and Fragmentation

19 November (hosted by the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics)
Thomas Porter (University of Manchester) 
What's wrong with practice-independence?

26 November
Jules Holroyd (University of Nottingham)
The relationship between distributive and punitive justice

3 December
Kalle Grill (Keele/Birmingham/ Umeå, Sw)
Six Concepts of Liberty - A Defence of Probabilist Noninterference