Postgraduate research

The Department of Theology and Religion have a vibrant postgraduate community, carrying out research in a broad range of areas. Some examples of current and recent postgraduate research are given below.

Jennifer Miscove
Spirit Flood: Rebirth of Spirit Baptism for the 21st Century (and the life of Carrie Judd Montgomery

Michael Clarke
Medieval Greek Manuscripts



Edgar Ebojo
The letters of Saint Paul: Papyrus 46


Andrew Bagnall
The Concept of Human Resilience

I have a particular interest in the concept of human resilience, especially amongst hospice/palliative/end of life care staff. As someone whose faith is based in the Christian tradition, I am keen to develop my understanding of the subject area, and determine why and how individuals of a particular faith or non are able to work alongside and care for others who are dying; particularly when they have experienced significant loss or illness themselves.

Sheeba Saeed
The Beggars of Lahore

“Beggars of Lahore”  is a journey into the streets of Lahore, Pakistan’s second largest city and cultural hub to discover what compels the beggars to beg and what measures have been placed by the Government and Non Governmental Organisations to assist the beggars.

The documentary examines the political, social, religious, economic reasons for begging as well as the growth of the beggar’s mafia including case studies of beggars and interviews Cricketer/Politician Imran Khan, Advocate/Human Rights activist Hina Jilani, Chief Minister of Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi amongst many others from both the public and private sphere as well as the general public.