CMR 1900: the project

CMR1900 will bring together the known writings by Christians and Muslims about one another and against one another in the period 1500-1900. Its scope is global, aiming to identify and analyse these works in all parts of the world.

For the purposes of this research the world will be divided into four regions: Africa and the Americas; Europe; the Middle East and North Africa; South Asia, East Asia, South-East Asia and Oceania. A research team has been appointed for each of these regions, with the brief to:

  • Identify all relevant works written in the region between 1500 and 1900.
  • Commission descriptive and analytical entries on each of these works.
  • Sponsor large-scale analyses of themes and attitudes revealed within them.

The four teams, which each comprise between four and six members including a leader, are compiling exhaustive lists of works written in their region. The criterion for selection will be works that are wholly or mainly about or against the other faith, and works that contain significant information or opinions that shed light on attitudes towards it. The team members will assign works to invited contributors, who will be identified for their specialist expertise on particular books, authors, periods or subjects. These contributors will write entries on the works according to a set template. 

If you are interested in contributing to the work, by writing entries please contact the Research Officer John Chesworth at 

CMR1900 will include analysis, incorporating into each entry in its bibliographical history a section on the main images and attitudes articulated within the work concerned. In addition, it will produce a series of thematic studies, based on works from the whole period 600-1900 (employing for this material from CMR600 as well as itself), on the transmission of images and attitudes, their development and deployment in various parts of the world. These studies will take the form of chapters contributed by project members and also invited scholars to one or more volumes of a thematic history.

Examples of entries are downloadable.


The entries will be available on the on-line version via the Brill site.