David Thomas: Project Director

David Thomas is Professor of Christianity and Islam at the University of Birmingham. 


A specialist in Islamic religious thought and in the history and theology of Christian-Muslim relations, his recent studies focus on the character of arguments used against Christian doctrines in works of Muslim systematic theology. He is managing editor of the book series The History of Christian-Muslim Relations, published by Brill of Leiden, and chief editor of the journal Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations.

Since 2006 he has led Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History, a project to bring to light all the known works written by Muslims and Christians about one another and against one another. This is producing a series of five encyclopaedic histories that when complete in 2013 will cover the period 600-1500. The present project, CMR1900, continues and completes this. 

Some recent publications: 

  • 2012 Christian-Muslim Relations, a bibliographical history 4 (1050-1200), Leiden 
  • 2012 ‘Christianity in Islamic theology: the case of al-Juwayni’, in C. Belo and J.-J. Pérennès (eds), Mission in dialogue. Essays in honour of Michael L. Fitzgerald, Louvain 
  • 2011 Christian-Muslim Relations, a bibliographical history 3 (1050-1200), Leiden 
  • 2010 ‘Miracles in Islam’, in G. Twelftree, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Miracles, Cambridge 
  • 2010 ‘Christian Voices in Muslim Theology’, Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam 36 (2009), 357-79 
  • 2010 Christian-Muslim Relations, a bibliographical history 2 (900-1050), Leiden 
  • 2009 Christian-Muslim Relations, a bibliographical history 1 (600-900), Leiden 
  • 2008 Christian Doctrines in Islamic Theology (The History of Christian-Muslim Relations 10), Leiden