Undergraduate study in Theology and Religion


Theology is a broad subject that explores questions about the meaning of life, as well as the particular texts, beliefs and traditions of different religious groups.

Studying religion in this way is an excellent way of helping you to think about your own values and beliefs, become more aware of different view-points, and learn more about the different ways in which religion and spirituality is important in today’s society.

Our programmes in Theology offer a flexible structure for exploring different aspects of religious life, belief and tradition. You can explore a range of different religious faiths (particular Christianity, Judaism and Islam), as well as changing forms of religion and spirituality in contemporary society.


Single Honours

Politics, Religion and Philosophy BA

This distinctive programme is run by the Department of Theology and Religion and seeks to bring together the three elements of Politics, Religion and Philosophy to allow you to explore significant dimensions of public and private [more...]

Theology and Religion BA

Is Theology and Religion an outdated, irrelevant subject? Hardly. religion, faith and spirituality are here to stay, even in a supposedly secular society like the UK. For better or worse, perhaps both, religion is an important [more...]

Philosophy, Religion and Ethics BA

What is the meaning and goal of life? How do different religions, cultures and philosophies understand the human predicament? Are there shared human values?  Can we prove the existence of God? Can different religions [more...]

Joint honours combinations


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Why study Theology and Religion?
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