Devolution: Making it Real

The Leader of Birmingham City Council’s Policy Statement of June 2012 set out three key priorities:

  • Tackle inequality and deprivation;
  • Laying the foundations of a prosperous city; and
  • Involving people and communities in the future of their localities and public services. “A city with local services for local people.”

Responding to this, the Districts and Public Engagement Overview and Scrutiny Committee chose to focus its first inquiry on the following key questions:

  • What is the purpose of devolution?
  • how do we measure success?
  • what actions are required to achieve that success?

The inquiry, chaired by Councillor Lisa Trickett, took the form of a series of meetings, run as a series of iterative conversation, and workshops with officers and partners. This resulted in the report to the City Council in January 2013 - Devolution: Making it Real

The report, and the Executive commentary in response to it, can be found on the City Council’s democracy web pages:

The scrutiny report includes a specific recommendation for the city council members and officers to draw upon the Public Service Academy to ensure that ‘learning is embedded within the devolution process’

The City Council’s developing strategy is very much in line with the report and recommendations of theUniversity’s Policy Commission on the future of local public services and we will be working to explore how these shared aspirations can be turned into practice.