Who'd be a social worker?

Posted on Wednesday 2nd March 2011

In the wake of increased public scrutiny of social work, Who'd Be A Social Worker? is a three-part series following rookie social workers over a significant period of time, exploring the issues they face.

As part of this series on BBC's Radio 4, students and staff from both the BA and MA social work programmes at the Institute of Applied Social Studies, have been interviewed throughout their teaching and into employment.

Gary Hickman, Director of Social Work Education, took part in a follow-up interview to look at the changes to the programme since they started recording these interviews at Birmingham University in 2009.

The first programme will be broadcast on Monday 2 May at 4.30 pm on Radio 4 entitled 'Who'd be a social worker?'.  There will be two further broadcasts on 9 May and 16 May at the same time.  The first programme will be about the social work course and the subsequent ones about working in Adult Services and then Children's Services.

If you would like any further information concerning these programmes, then please contact Gary Hickman, g.j.hickman@bham.ac.uk.

Birmingham Alumni website: 

Gary was also interviewed for a feature on the Birmingham Alumni website entitled 'Spotlight on the sharp end of Social Services', talking about how students are helping to shape debate about the future of social care in Britain, as part of this BBC Radio 4 documentary series broadcasting in May.


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