Survivor Arts Open Day success

Posted on Monday 26th September 2011

IASS hosted the Survivor Arts Open Day as part of the University's successful Community Day in June, and received some really good feedback from members of the public, service users, professionals, students and prospective students.

Dawn River, Social Work Admissions Tutor "I was encouraged by potential applicants saying they were inspired to apply to this University because of the creative learning environment on offer"

Survivor Arts Open Day

The primary aim of the Survivor Arts Exhibition is to showcase the diverse creativity of 'survivor' and 'outsider' art in order to engage, challenge and inspire students and the wider community. The Exhibition, alongside Recovery through the Arts workshops, is used as a teaching tool with our social work students. It provides a critical space where 'survivors' (for example mental health service users, people living with disability, survivors of abuse or trauma, people living out their lives in hospices, refugees, young people in the care system and many others), and social workers (students and qualified professionals), can communicate through the arts to bring about greater insight and understanding.

The exhibition is currently on display on the 9th, 7th and 2nd floors of the Muirhead Tower. For further information, please contact Dawn River,